Heeeeeeere’s Hannah Nicole

Monday, January 2, 2012

It's starting to look a lot like Christmas!!!! 
Bring it on baby!!!

Our first stop was to see Mommy's
and my cousins in Dallas.

Then we went to Great Aunt Judy's and
Great Uncle Stoney's surprise 70th birthday party in East Texas!!!  I got to spend more time with my cousins, especially Tyler!!!

I even had a little R&R with Aunt Judy.  She taught me some new putting techniques.  She's sooooo sweeet. 

They live on the 16th fairway and those crazy deer just walk all over it.  Guess they aren't afraid of getting hit by a ball!!!!

 It was so awesome hanging out with
Papa Deuce and Mama Deuce

 Mama B and Pop-O joined us for the fun too. 
 Like my new lip job??? SMOOOCH!!!!

HAPPY 70TH GREAT UNCLE STONEY!!!  I loved visiting with you and Great Aunt Judy!!!  I just love y'all!!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


What fun we had this year!!!  We were so fast our parents could hardly keep up with us!!  I wanted to take the Batmobile that Batman let me borrow but it couldn't fit all my friends!!!  What a night!!!

Oooooohhhhh yeah!!!  I finally tackled that dang tiger!!!  Last year I was too scared to slide down....this year, no fear baby!!! Boy Spider Man, you have really big calves!!!

At the pumpkin patch, they had QUADS this year!!! I didn't think I was big enough to ride them, but when Daddy asked the guy, he said all I had to be able to do is manage the throttle and not run into anything. I'm like, "What the heck is a throttle?" After a mini demo, I was off and running. I handled that baby like a pro!!!! It was sooooo much fun!!!!  I even lapped the two boys that were there. 
Watch out GLAMIS, here I come!!!!

Wheeeee heeeeee!!!! Looook at meeeeeeee!!!!!!

This is my pouty face........I wasn't ready to leave!!!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Battle of BFF's
Gracie and I got to play together in T-ball, but in soccer you absolutley can NOT request to play with your friends (WHATEVER!!!) So the day came when Gracie's team the Glitterators played my team the Buttercups!!! We were highly favored, but the Glitterators had it out for us that day....they kicked our bootays!!!! Zachary was secretly rooting for the Buttercups!!! Shhhhhh, don't tell anyone!!!!